Shell Buttons

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Mother of Pearl is not only one of the oldest raw materials for the production of buttons, but is considered the most precious and beautiful. The mother of pearl button is a synonym for high quality, indeed luxury and indication of sophisticated, high quality clothing. The processing and handling of mother-of-pearl requires a very specific Know How and quality awareness, which is essential in order to get the most out of the sensitive raw material. Both mussel shells and snail shells are used as a raw material for mother-of-pearl buttons. From a chemical point of view Perlmutter is 90% lime and 10% water. The different types of mother-of-pearl differ in quality, look, color and suitability for button making.

Shell buttons – Different Kind of shells for the production of Buttons

Our Assortment contains all common Types and Qualities

Staining M.O.P. Buttons – A demand-full process

The different types of mother of pearl are suitable for dyeing; we are happy to advise you.

Our house owns the – the experience – the Know – How – the required equipment – the competent staff

The colors black, gray and brown are not surface-dyed and are colorfast and lightfast without aftertreatment. For hard dye-able nacre we can make a varnishing.