Corozo Buttons

Buttons made from real corozo (Tagua)

Steinnuss buttons impress with their inimitable fine grain, which gives the button elegance and a noble charisma. The quality of the raw material as well as the KNOW-HOW of the processing are decisive for the noble effect of the Steinnuss-Knöpfe. Anchor Button uses only premium raw material and has decades of manufacturing experience. It is 100% natural product with 100% sustainability. Our large raw material warehouse and state-of-the-art machinery ensure fast delivery of our standard range as well as custom shapes.

The dyeing process is a very sensitive phase in the production of peanut buttons and requires a lot of experience and skilled personnel. The dyeing quality is crucial for the effect of the grain of the buttons and their noble charisma. Our in-house dyeing department precisely colors according to fabric template or color chart. Patterns for color approval will be provided on request. Anker Knopf has decades of experience in dyeing buttons from natural materials – especially in dyeing real stone nut buttons.

Real Corozo Buttons