Always part of our thinking and acting


We strongly believe that responsible and sustainable action is the basis for the continued business success of a company and its partners.

Basically, the choice of materials and their processing plays a key factor in the creation of high-quality and at the same time sustainable products. We believe that it is necessary to look at the design, the way of manufacturing, as well as the whole supply chain of a product from an ecological point of view.

By looking at resources from an environmentally sound perspective, Anker Knopf GmbH is able to provide customers with products that are better for themselves and their environment.

Acting sustainable as a Firm

We value international standards, recycling, sustainable production and the optimization of energy consumption and transport processes

Orientation to global and industry-wide standards

It is important for us to know which materials are used for the manufacture of the products. We place a high value on the environmentally conscious behavior of our suppliers, their choice of materials and the adherence to ecological principles. We pay special attention to the fact that – if possible – used materials of our products comply with standards.

ÖKO – TEX Standard 100

Materials and products are carefully checked for harmful ingredients. The majority of the materials and products are certified with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. He guarantees that third-party products and materials are checked for harmful ingredients. The materials are tested on the basis of extensive and strict test criteria, limit values and test methods on a scientific basis. The focus is on the regulation of the handling of additives and chemicals according to established criteria of Oeko-Tex.

Saving resources for protecting the environment

Entrepreneurially, we not only pursue economic goals, but always think about one step into the future. We understand the term not only the longevity and the processing of our products, but also the way under which conditions they are produced. We offer our customers several advantages at the same time: faultless materials, no pollutants and first-class quality of our products. At making our products, we always focus on:

– To reduce energy consumption during production to a minimum

– To achieve maximum savings of water in all processes

– Use innovative and pollution-free materials and develop efficient processes

Use of environmental – friendly materials

More and more people are paying attention to the effects of their behavior on the environment. Especially when buying textiles, everyone can influence their own ecological footprint. Sustainability in fashion also means that the components of a garment are made in an environmentally and environmentally friendly manner.

We are always on the lookout for new innovations, as well as sustainably produced materials and products. For this reason, it is important to us now and in the future to provide buttons for the garment industry made of organic materials. A selection of these products has already been presented in the past at Organic Selection at the Munich Fabric Start in Munich.

Use of natural raw materials for button production

We put a special emphasis on using buttons in our collection, which are made of natural materials. These are products that originate directly from nature and have been procured in an ecological way. These products offer a special value in terms of sustainability, as they are particularly good at biodegradation. Therefor we mainly use the following materials:

–  Mother of Pearl (M.O.P.)
–  Corozo (Tagua)
–  Horn and stag horn
–  Wood and coconut

Eco-friendly clothing – through and with recycled buttons

Our goal is to provide more eco-friendly products with a high level of quality and design. On request, we are happy to offer you a selection of articles made of recycled materials. Anker Knopf offers a selection of different materials for different applications. In addition, we can provide an environmentally friendly alternative in our portfolio or request it from our suppliers for many of our products upon request.